Upcoming band concerts

Here is a list of upcoming concerts.

Friday, February 27th for both Symphonic Band and Concert Band

Friday, March 6th is for both Symphony Orchestra and String Orchestra

Both concerts will be in Troy’s Auditorium starting at 7:00pm

Jazz Band will have their concert mid-April shared with the Guitar class.  This too, will be in the Auditorium. Stay tuned for the date!

The End of the Year Concert will be mid-May and in the North Gym. Keep your ears opened for the exact date!

Winter Guard Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Troy Winter Guard.

Feb. 7    Tesoro HS
Feb. 21    Ocean View HS
March 21    Valencia HS
April 11    Savanna HS
April 18    Bellflower HS
April 25    Championships

For those parents of Winter Guard students, please note that we have about 38 students on the team. As the school does not provide transportation to and from the events, we will need parent volunteers to drive the kids and equipment to the events. We estimate that we will need about 10 drivers/cars for each event.

Also note that we are asking each student to get their $175 fair share donation in by February 20th. If we do not meet the budget requirement by February 20th the season will be cancelled.

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