Volunteer needs!

Thank you to all the parents so far who have volunteered to help out with the practices and football games. However there are two positions that we really need a commitment on. Those are drivers for the trucks that haul the equipment back and forth from the events and chaperones for the buses that haul the kids back and forth from the events!

Truck drivers need to just be comfortable driving a large moving van. No special license required. Just a valid drivers license and a credit card (we will reimburse you). Trucks are picked up usually in Placentia at the U-Haul on the corner of Orangethorpe and Placentia by around 3:00pm. That gives you plenty of time to fill out paperwork and take your time driving to Troy. As long as you get to Troy by 4:30-ish. Also plan on either getting something to eat before you get to Troy or have someone bring you something as once the equipment is loaded into the trucks you really want to drive straight to the stadium. Of course if your are adventurous, there is always the option of hot dogs and nachos at the football game.

The chaperones simply need to show up at Troy by the call time (usually 5:00pm or 5:30pm) and ride on one of the buses with the kids. I heard from a parent last week that she had so much fun being a chaperone because she saw a different side to the kids. I wont spoil it by telling you what it was but it sure did sound like fun to me!

Here is a link to the Google Doc for the sign up sheet

About third page down are the sign ups for the football games. We also need water bottles and snacks donated. If you get the water bottles and can get the half sized ones for a good price, please get those. We had to empty A LOT of bottles that had just a sip or two taken from them.

Please parents, lets get involved in our kids activities. Many hands make lite work.