Football game!

Call sheet for Football game on 8/29/2014

It’s time for the first home game!
Students in marching band have been told that their “call time” is 5:30 PM.
For a home game, “call time” means to be at Troy High School at 5:30 PM ready to go to the performance and ready to load on the bus.
Students can not eat once in their uniform, so it is suggested that they have a snack prior to their call time and suiting up in the uniform. They do get time to eat after the halftime show, in staggered groups. This is generally by 8-8:30 PM.
The game starts at 6:30, and parents in the band generally sit in a block near the football parents and sheer on the football team and the band! Come and see where the band is in learning their show, and meet other parents! The cost to enter the game is $12 or  $15…sorry we are not clear on the cost this year.

How to order marching shoes

Some of you have asked how to get marching shoes.

Click Here For a Direct Link

or follow steps below

  • Go to (Peacock’s Marching World).
  • Click on “Footwear/Marching Band Footwear”
  • Click on”shoes”.
  • Click on the link for “Drill master”. The next page should show an image of Drill Master vinyl marching shoes.
  • NOTE: on the page you will see OTHER brands and styles of shoes. Select the “DRILL MASTER”, not the “Super Drill Master”.
  • Select “1 to 5 pairs”.
  • Type in the number of pairs you would like, select color BLACK and select the proper shoe size. Drill masters run true to size for most.
  • The rest is shipping information, payment information, etc.
Please give yourself two weeks to order and receive the shoes so I’d order as soon as possible.

Goodwill for Good Music fundraiser!

The Goodwill for Good Music fundraiser is just around the corner. Save the date Saturday, September 20 from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

This is one of our biggest fund raising events each year that allows you to clean house while Troy Instrumental Music Program “Cleans up!” Last year we raised over $3000. Lets try and beat that this year!

For more information click here – Troy High School Marching Band

Here is a list of items to bring or not….

Goodwill Acceptable-Unacceptable Items3